Loan Processors

Hire experienced loan processors in the Philippines to accelerate loan packaging and processing

Want to speed up how many loans can a mortgage processor handle? Outsourcing loan processing to the Philippines with full-time highly experienced loan processors will help you close more loans for up to 72% less in labor expenses.  

To win more business against your closest rival in today’s increasingly competitive mortgage processing industry, you need to continuously find efficiencies in all corners of your operations. Outsourcing loan processing to the Philippines will help you optimize your loan packaging and processing tasks and increase your team’s overall productivity.  

From evaluation to settlement, contract mortgage loan processors in the Philippines proficient in using the latest loan originator software (LOS) can slash 2-3 hours of processing time at a significantly lower rate per hour compared to their onshore counterparts, allowing you to write more loans without burning out your employees.      

With the reduced time spent in processing paperwork on every loan you write you can set up your business for growth and increased profitability. For over 10 years we have helped many mortgage firms to be more efficient and profitable with these highly sought-after benefits: 

Increased efficiency in underwriting 

Increased capacity to write new loans 

Faster processing turn-around-time 

Streamlined packaging process 

Agile resource planning 

Lower stress levels and decreased attrition rate 

Increased service level and customer satisfaction 


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Loan Processor Responsibilities 

Evaluate the creditworthiness of loan applicants with specified parameters 

Interview loan applicants to verify financial eligibility and viability of granting loans 

Review initial loan approval and collaborate with the borrower to collect appropriate documentation 

Gather all required documentation for the loan package 

Create a loan submission package for the Underwriting department 

Submit all required documents to assigned Underwriter 

Satisfy all conditions when received from Underwriter 

Ensure that approval completely meets established lending guidelines 

Use professional judgment to identify which prospective borrowers qualify to be good risk opportunities for the company 



Loan Processor Skills 


outsource loan processing


Excellent communication and customer service skills 

Experience in the consumer loan industry 

Accuracy and strong attention to detail  

Familiarity with banking applications/software 

Ability to work in a resultdriven environment 

Demonstrable customer satisfaction orientation and sales competencies record 

Comprehensive knowledge of direct/indirect lending products and practices 

Excellent analytical and mathematical skills 

Proficient in operating various Loan Originating Software (LOS)  


Loan Processor Work Experience 


Fresh graduate to 1 year of relevant loan processing and packaging experience 


1 to 3 years of relevant loan processing and packaging experience 


3 to 5 years of relevant loan processing and packaging experience 


Loan Processing Tools  

Typically, Filipino virtual loan processors are proficient in using the following loan originator software (LOS): 


Save up to 72% on labour costs when you outsource loan processing to the Philippines.


Contact us to get your loan processor salary estimate and learn more about outsourcing in the Philippines today! 


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