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Realise your business goals fast. Hire expert digital marketing specialists to develop and implement successful online campaigns

Looking to provide more engaging content to your customers and be found quicker and more frequently online than your closest competitor? As a partner who’s familiar with the challenges you want to overcome, we help you hire a full-time digital marketing specialist or build an entire digital marketing team in the Philippines to run successful digital campaigns, drive traffic to your website, and attract more prospects. 

For your marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to be highly visible and communicate value to the customer. Your brand needs to build authority, gain recognition, and earn your prospects’ attention and trust, but as the market becomes more competitive, these are easier said than done onshore.  

While local talent becomes more expensive and difficult to find, the Philippines offers a diverse talent pool of highly experienced, proficient, and resultdriven digital marketing professionals. Outsourcing your digital marketing activities to the Philippines will not only save you up to 72% in labor costs but most importantly, allow you to boost your revenue potential and achieve your ROIs at an increased pace as you focus on marketing endeavors with more people on your team roster    

Currently, the Philippine digital marketing industry is at the forefront of Southeast Asia and has ranked 12th globally for the last 3 years with over 67 million consumers. 


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Digital Marketing Specialist Requirements and Experience 


digital marketing specialist outsourcing in the Philippines

The Philippine digital marketing talent pool is highly experienced and versatile. Senior digital marketing specialists are sought after for their ability to upskill fast using the latest tools and software and multitask. You will be surprised to know, that sometimes you may only need one or two people to manage your social media (digital marketing SEO specialistand ad campaigns (digital marketing communications specialist). It is also good to note that most Filipino digital marketing specialists have a broad working experience with top local and international firms, not just with BPO companies. Some digital marketing professionals may have also come from working abroad bringing a vast wealth of knowledge from being exposed to international levels of digital marketing dynamics, processes, and trends.   


Here are the types of digital marketing specialist roles you can outsource: 


Digital Marketing Manager 

Develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns to promote the products and services of a company to its target audience. 

Identify and evaluate new digital technologies and optimize marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media, and display & search advertising using web analytics tools. 

Enhance brand awareness to drive website traffic and acquire leads. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist 

Perform on-site and off-site analysis of clients in various industries. 

Compiles performance report using Google Analytics program. 

Keeps up to date and adapt accordingly to the changes in Google’s Algorithm. 

Performs on-page and off-page optimization of blogs and webpages. 

Conducts keyword research according to the latest keyword research strategies. 


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist 

Analyze, track, and report website analytics and PPC campaigns. 

Optimize landing pages of paid search engine marketing campaigns. 

Attain maximum ROI in paid search campaigns by collecting and analyzing data, identifying trends, and providing insights to optimize campaign strategy. 

Research and analyze competitor advertising campaigns. 

Manage expenses and budget of campaigns and monthly costs. 

Perform in-depth website analysis. 


Content Writer 

Write blogs, web page content, social media posts, eBooks, brochures, video scripts, etc. 

Assist with business pitches to win new clients and projects. 

Tailor the content and style of copy accordingly to its purpose, e.g., sell or inform. 

Understand the interests of the target audience and write copy and content accordingly. 

Suggest and/or provide digital assets such as video, infographics, and images, to be used in articles. 

Continuously provide interesting and fresh angles for articles. 


Social Media Manager 

Develop social media marketing strategy and campaign by formulating content ideas, budget planning, and implementation calendar. 

Promote the brand’s products and services on various social media channels. 

Formulate and execute a social media marketing strategy and implement it through competitive and audience research. 

Optimize company pages with each social media platform to increase the company’s social content visibility. 

Achieve audience engagement, website traffic, and revenue by exploiting all digital marketing aspects of social media marketing roadmap. 


Multimedia Artist 

Plan and create animated narrative sequence scripts using computer software and hand drawing techniques. 

Edit video, animation, and effects based on the feedback of art directors, other artists, animators, or clients 

Develop briefings, brochures, multimedia presentations, web pages, promotional products, technical illustrations, and computer artwork for use in products, technical manuals, literature, newsletters, and slide shows. 

Prepare production storyboards to show the flow of the animation and map out key scenes and characters. 


Here are the digital marketing specialists experience levels: 


Fresh graduate to 1 year of relevant digital marketing work experience 


1 to 3 years of relevant digital marketing work experience 


3 to 5 years of relevant digital marketing work experience 



Digital Marketing Specialist Tools  

 Filipino digital marketing specialists are proficient in the following platforms and tools: 

Save up to 72% on labour costs when you outsource digital marketing specialist to the Philippines.


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