Outsource Architects from the Philippines: Hire dedicated architects or build an architectural services team to bid on bigger projects

Taking on big projects and finishing them under budget and ahead of schedule requires you to have more people in the team while keeping costs on a manageable level. Working with Emapta allows you to hire highly experienced architects or build an entire architectural services team to increase your capacity to help you bid on bigger projects without having to worry about excessive labor costs.  

Your dedicated architect and architectural services staff will manage all the preparations from planning to drafting and construction documentation, allowing you to focus on working closely with your clients, innovate and market your products and services to keep up with the demand of the market and win more high-value contracts as you broaden your offerings. 

With a proficient offshore architectural services team of your own, you are ready to compete head-to-head and bid on larger projects. To kick-off your resource planning, here are the important things you need to know when looking for architects in the Philippines. 


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Commonly Outsourced Architectural Services Roles 

Here are some of the typical roles offshored by architectural and construction firms:   



Architectural Documenter 

Architectural Designer 

Project Architect 

Architectural Technician 


Architect Types  

Types of architects based on their specialization:   

Commercial Architect 

Residential Architect 

Industrial Architect 

Restoration Architect 

Research Architect 

Housing Architect 

Interior Architect 

Landscape Architect 

Urban Designers 


Architect Roles Experience and Responsibilities 

 Wondering what to look for in an architect? Here are the architect role levels categorized by their years of experience and responsibilities so you can determine which level meets your needs   


Newly Qualified Architect 

Fresh graduate to 1 year of relevant work experience after passing licensure: 

Handson experience on budgeting for commercial interior projects. 

Prepare and organize drawing sets and other documentations. 

Perform research and site survey for the design team. 

Apply multiple design software packages for preparation of architectural drawings including 2D and 3D modeling 

Work closely with senior architects to provide support in design development and technical tasks. 


Project Architect 

1 to 3 years of relevant work experience and is typically supervised by a senior architect or director. Responsible for running a project or a series of projects, either independently or with a team of interns including: 

Preparing project specifications and documentation 

Consulting with clients to determine project requirements 

Drafting and design building plans for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects 

Overseeing contractors and construction crew progress throughout the project completion 

Visiting and reviewing project sites to ensure zoning, environmental, and safety compliance  

Managing project budgets and schedule to ensure projects are completed on time under budget 

Proficient in a broad range of architect tools 


Senior Architect 

3-5 years of relevant work experience. Oversees project architects and responsible for ensuring quality control over several different projects including:  

Developing and interpreting structural design and act as mentors and managers to junior architects 

Reviewing and designing architectural and engineering plans 

Managing and supervising projects including site meetings, quality examination, coordination with other construction firms  

Monitoring work of junior architects and make recommendations 

Providing leadership to junior architects, interns, and other project team members  

Supervising inspections, evaluating option sites, and conducting feasibility analyses  

Liaising with clients to ensure project issues are addressed and meet all project requirements 

Has in-depth knowledge and understanding of all leading architecture software  


Architectural Services Tools  

 Filipino architects are proficient in the following leading architecture software: 


autodesk 3ds max autocad Catia for architects chieft architect autodesk revit for architects rhinoceros for architects


Save up to 72% on labour costs when you outsource architects to the Philippines.


Contact us to get your architect salary estimate and learn more about outsourcing in the Philippines today! 



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