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Adapt to pharmaceutical outsourcing trends and outsource healthcare solutions to a trusted BPO provider

To break even in 2022, medical providers should slash costs by 24%. If you’re a small or medium-sized healthcare provider, you might not have access to the resources that larger organisations have in order to cut costs, save time, and focus on what clinics and hospitals should do best: providing quality healthcare or pharmaceutical services to your patients.

But businesses like yours—in fact, 9 out of 10 hospitals according to the Black Book survey—have found a cost-saving lifeline to deliver high-value and generate sustainable revenues: the billion-dollar healthcare outsourcing industry.

The survey also reported that outsourcing technology, financial services, and facilities management services can be potentially helpful for firms to achieve this target. It can also address the following issues in healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape:

1. As care-at-a-distance or telemedicine services become a popular option for busy patients, do you have the back-office capacity to efficiently process the influx of patient consultations and maintain service excellence?

2. How can you scale your back-office functions to support your frontline workers without the costs climbing up?

3. As healthcare delivery and management become virtualised, have you built strong IT capabilities to protect confidential data such as electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR)?


Why outsource healthcare and pharmaceutical services now?

Business process outsourcing in healthcare involves offloading both clinical and non-core functions such as pharmaceutical services, provider services, payer services, and healthcare IT functions to highly experienced outsourcing professionals.

Whether you’re a large company or you’re a startup who’s looking to expand your healthcare and start outsourcing in the pharmaceutical industry, offshoring to the Philippines can be your cost-reduction strategy. It can potentially give you up to 72% in cost savings, thanks to the low cost of living in the country and government policies that offer generous benefits and support to the thriving BPO industry especially healthcare call center outsourcing companies.

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Build a team of skilled English-speaking professionals, sourced from the top 5% of Philippine talent.

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Key benefits in outsourcing your healthcare and pharmaceutical team with Emapta

Our specialised recruiters have the expertise to source top healthcare information management professionals that you require. Successful candidates are then processed by our HR for their legal employment requirements and benefits on your behalf, and through our career development programs, training, and certification courses, we ensure they’re up to date with the latest healthcare information management standards.

Your electronic medical records (EMR), electronic health records (EHR), customer data, and transmission of confidential information are protected through our comprehensive data security protocols integrated into your offshore team’s workstation. We also provide 24/7 IT help desk support via ticketing system, email, or phone to assist your staff in-person and/or remotely.

Our easy-in, easy-out outsourcing terms enable you to evaluate and further customise your offshore setup to suit your needs. Your full-time offshore healthcare information management team will work exclusively for you from one of our state-of-the-art offices fully equipped with high-speed internet, security access, video conferencing rooms, and recreational amenities. We give you full control in managing your offshore team’s performance with Empower, our proprietary talent management system, and a fully managed office customised to reflect your organisation’s brand and culture.

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Different teams and roles in healthcare and pharmaceutical outsourcing

Our staffing solutions let you customise your team in two ways: build your team structure however you’d like it to be and grow at your own pace. We’re ready to help you start quickly with 1-2 staff or build a team of 20-50 professionals who can fill the following roles:

• Medical transcriptionist/coder skilled in (ICD, CPT, HCPS)
• Medical claims specialist
• Online receptionist
• Lead generation specialist
• Clinical abstractor
• Medical, dental, and physical therapy billing officer
• Service desk specialist
• Healthcare recruitment specialist
• Healthcare representative
• Healthcare consultant
• Pharmacy network auditor
• Developers (e.g. Web, Java)

Setting up an offshore healthcare and pharmaceutical team would require different roles, so, if we haven’t covered which roles you need on the list, contact us to know how we can help you find the right talent for the specific role you’re looking for! 

Here are some of the top healthcare services and solutions healthcare BPOs identified by the Health Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) and Markets Research which you can readily outsource according to your requirement:

Pharmaceutical services
• Pharmacovigilance
• Clinical Trial
• Adverse advent reporting
• R&D Services
• Non-clinical Services
• Sales & Marketing Services
• Analytics
• Research
• Forecasting
• Performance Reporting
• Supply Chain Management (SCM)
• Other Non-clinical Services


Provider (hospitals, clinics, practitioners, etc.)
• Revenue Cycle Management
• Remote Monitoring
• Patient Enrolment & Strategic Planning
• Patient Care
• Medical Transcription
• Medical Imaging
• Device Monitoring

Payer services (private and public insurance firms)
• Data/Utilisation Management
• Customer Service/Support Lines
• Healthcare Analytics
• Claims Management
• Product Development and Business Acquisition (PDBA)
• Provider Management
• Care Management
• Billing & Accounts Management Services
• HR Services


Software development (all healthcare bodies)
• Electronic health records (EHR) platform design
• Electronic medical records (EMR) platform design
• Application Development
• Security tools

At Emapta, we proudly partner with companies of all sizes – from all corners of the world – who call on our experience and expertise to help them achieve their goals.


Honesty, loyalty, and great teamwork are paramount to their success. As it is to ours. Which is probably why close to 350+ different companies have chosen to trust us with their outsourcing requirements.

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