Emapta Professional Services


Managed Teams, On-Demand services, and Out-of-the-Box Service Solutions, and consulting services.






EPS brings enterprise service delivery capability to Emapta, meaning we can say Yes to more potential customers.

Leverage our enterprise-grade infrastructure, unrivalled talent reach, and superior support capability to supplement your offshore setup.

Emapta Professional Services (EPS) offers a range of fully customized managed services, low-cost subscription service solutions, and end to end business consulting, to New and Existing Emapta Customers.


Solutions & Services

How it works

Tried and tested strategies to support client needs

1. We meet with you to understand their needs and goals.

2. We present a customized solution and pricing to solve their problem and help achieve your goals.

3. We work closely with you to implement the solution and provide frequent reporting on our performance and success of the activity.

When To Connect Us

Our solutions work well in conjunction with Emapta’s dedicated staffing model. Some businesses and functions need a more hands-on approach, and that’s where we come in


Are experiencing a spike in workload, have someone going on maternity leave, or want to extend your customer service and support window outside of your usual operating hours? Or are you keen to give your sales channel a boost with a lead generation activity or need an expert helping hand to transition or integrate a new business function into your existing offshore team?


Disucss your requirements and see how we can help at [email protected].