The Office of the CEO is proud to launch the prestigious rewards and recognition program exclusive to the Emapta Core Organization:

The Emapta CEO Awards




Emapta CEO Awards Program Mechanics



The CEO Awards Program is designed to recognize and reward outstanding individuals who demonstrate the Emapta core values. The program aims to strengthen employee engagement, increase retention, improve employee morale and celebrate the employees who amplify our core values. Whereas merit increases are intended as a means of rewarding sustained performance of regularly assigned functions, this program is generally more strategic in focus and should bear relationship to the accomplishment of organizational goals.

This program is specific to the CEO’s operational transformation initiative and is not connected with any other existing rewards and recognition programs implemented company-wide or by departments separately.



All Emapta Core employees regardless of employment status are eligible to participate and be nominated, except for the Division Heads.


Types of Awards:

• Php 3,000 worth of online voucher per awardee + Certificate; or
• Php 3,000 cash + Certificate
• Amount and other options to be reviewed periodically to maintain relevance/applicability


Application and Selection Process:

1. Every 5th of the month, each Department Head* will nominate one (1) team member from their department who demonstrated the Emapta FASTER values for the previous month by submitting a nomination form that includes a write-up and justification for the nomination.

*Departments and Department Heads:

  1. Growth, Partnerships, Innovation & BPO Services
  2. Marketing
  3. Global Talent Solutions
  4. Customer Success Organisation – Enablement, Experience, and Compliance
  5. People & Culture
  6. HR Business Partnerships
  7. Finance, Accounting, Legal, and Compliance
  8. Empower
  9. IT and Technology and Process Strategy
  10. Facilities & Administration

2. The Selection Committee (Office of the CEO) shall review and select up to 3 CEO Awardees and FASTER Values Ambassadors every month.

3. Awarding shall be every 15th of the following month where a certificate and personal email from the CEO will be sent to the awardee and a feature on the Emapta newsletter/ social media/ Good News Channel and Empower platform will be shared.



A nominated employee must demonstrate at least 3 of the Emapta core values: Flexible, Aspirational, Synchronized, Transparent, Empowered & Relationships. Read more about our values here.



• Department Heads – nominating authorities
• Office of the CEO – selection of awardees
• HRBP core – awarding logistics
• Marketing – announcements


Together, let’s continue exploring new ways to highlight our awesome community! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] and we look forward to hearing from you!