Outsourcing in Europe: A Look at the 4 Top Hotspots

There are many factors contributing to the rise of outsourcing around the world, including advances in cloud computing and the growing prevalence of remote work. In fact, of the top 2,000 global companies (G2000) in 2019, 92% of them leveraged the power of IT outsourcing. With those numbers, corporations are seeking new, up-and-coming talent pools to resource their people-power needs. 

One such outsourcing destination is Europe, where a diverse population and dedication to technological education have positioned it to be the next big thing in outsourced talent. But is Europe the right market to fulfill your company’s outsourcing needs? We’ll take a look at some of the trending Eastern European countries to find out which might be the best source of new, competent talent for your business.

Why is Europe Such a Popular Outsourcing Location?

Europe is a popular outsourcing location because when it comes to business, particularly in the world of tech, the continent is thriving. In fact, Europe boasts more business founders, new and growing startups, and AI professionals than many other geographic regions in the world. Eastern Europe, in particular, has now entered the spotlight due to its talent and tech savviness. So what are the benefits of outsourcing in Europe?

It’s Cost-Efficient

Hiring full in-house teams can be incredibly costly for businesses. Europe as a whole has a vast population across many countries, with a larger percentage of technologically educated people compared to other regions. Competition for contracts can be fierce, and it helps keep costs low and demand for jobs high.

It’s on the Cutting Edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) is completely reshaping the landscape of many industries, tech included. However, tech workers understand they need to work with the technology, not against it, so they are better positioned to adapt to change and stay at the forefront of new developments. In Europe, there are more AI professionals than in many other parts of the world, which will continue to be a major benefit in the coming years. As mentioned above, the cloud has opened up a vast array of new opportunities, with 90% of companies citing cloud computing as a primary reason behind outsourcing.

It’s Convenient

Europe is central to many other regions and continents, and as such, can typically be in communication during some regular business hours. While there’s a significant time zone difference between Eastern Europe and the United States, there are many strategies that can be put in place to make it effective for all parties involved.

The Best European Countries for Outsourcing

The best European countries for outsourcing include some familiar names, like Poland and Ukraine. However, there’s one hotspot you may not have considered yet, and it’s at the top of our list.


Macedonia, technically the Republic of North Macedonia, is a country in the southern part of Eastern Europe, bordered by Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Macedonia is exploding with tech talent as software developers and others seek a savvy and trained, yet cost-effective workforce. Emapta is currently the number one business process outsourcing (BPO) firm in North Macedonia, and we’ve been at the forefront of this developing hotspot since 2022. We find that the convenience of this outsourcing market, the ease of communication, and the knowledge of the workforce is second-to-none. If you’re looking for an outsourcing location that provides employees who are comfortable with the English language, adaptable to different cultures, and reachable across the globe, from Australia to the U.S. and anywhere else, Macedonia should be on your radar.


Poland is the country most people think of when they consider outsourcing to Eastern Europe. Just like other Eastern European countries, Poland is known for its hundreds of thousands of IT professionals, low costs, and English proficiency


Ukraine is another popular destination for both outsourcing and offshoring. It is cost-effective and boasts some of the most skilled IT workers in the world. Unfortunately, however, the current war with Russia has had a severe negative impact on the Ukrainian outsourcing industry, leading many companies to move operations to other countries.


Romania’s economy is rapidly growing, which makes it friendly to incoming businesses. Its government is also amenable to foreign companies and investors, offering multiple incentives to bring them into the country. However, Romania is currently experiencing a talent shortage, which could ultimately drive up costs. 

Comparing the Top Countries in Europe

Europe, especially Eastern Europe, is in the spotlight when it comes to talent outsourcing, and that’s not going to change. So, out of all the countries highlighted, why choose Macedonia?

Macedonia vs. Poland for Outsourcing

As one of the top picks for European outsourcing, you’d think you couldn’t go wrong by choosing Poland. However, that same popularity means the country is saturated with outsourced companies and top talent may already be taken. It could also mean you pay more for workers who aren’t as experienced or knowledgeable. 

Macedonia vs. Ukraine for Outsourcing

Macedonia and Ukraine offer many of the same benefits for companies seeking to outsource. However, the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine presents a risk that may be too significant for companies to overcome. Rather than waiting for the situation to resolve, you may be better off seeking another location like Macedonia, where the government, economy, and foreign relations are more stable.

Macedonia vs. Romania for Outsourcing

As with other Eastern European countries, Romania offers benefits in being centrally located and ease of communications. However, with the aforementioned talent shortage, you may experience issues finding a robust and talented workforce. In Macedonia, competition is low, but the trained and knowledgeable workforce is large, meaning your costs stay low and you get the best talent.

Why Choose European Talent for Your Team?

Choosing European talent for your team is a wise decision if you’re looking for flexibility, convenience, and adaptability. And within Eastern Europe, Macedonia is still a hidden gem of outsourced talent and knowledgeable IT and business process workers. But the time to get in is now. Once the word is out, competition will ramp up and the available talent will be snapped up. That’s why you’ve got Emapta on your side. We can help you outsource to Macedonia and take advantage of all the perks and benefits it offers. Choose Emapta and find out why we’re number one in Macedonia outsourcing. Book your consultation today!